Happy Holidays from The Rubecs (36-Weeks Pregnant)

How lucky are we to be able to enjoy the holidays together as a couple while waiting for our baby’s arrival?!

With our due date falling in the middle of January, we made a conscious decision months ago to not celebrate the holidays the way we usually do.

This meant that we:

  • Couldn’t travel to Ottawa for Christmas (we need to stay as close to our hospital as possible)
  • Skip out on our big gift shopping and Santa photo day at Bayshore Mall (yes, we actually look forward to this each year!)
  • Couldn’t decorate our condo (considering how little energy I have, the idea of putting it all away in January with the baby due any day seemed daunting to me)
  • Keep it as low key as possible with our workload as well as holiday gatherings (this meant no Vlogmas but next year’s will be TWICE as fun with a little bebe)

I’d be lying if I said we weren’t sad about missing out on our annual traditions. However, my third trimester has been a rollercoaster! My doctor is recommending to have our baby sooner than the due date, so I’m really glad we planned things this way.

James and I are going to stay in, cook really yummy meals together, watch our favourite movies, relax and enjoy this time together as a couple before the cute little boy arrives!

We are so so so excited.

We’re wishing you all a VERY happy holiday! Understanding that this is also a difficult time and not as joyous for some of you, we are thinking of you and praying for you as well. ?


This post was originally published on SummerxSkin.com and has been copied and modified to fit this website.