Hi! My name is Anum (like ‘per-annum’). I’m a content creator, makeup expert and marketing manager living in Toronto, Canada. I’m also a wife, dog owner, and most importantly, mama to my little Zak Nova. Like a true Cancer-Leo, I wear my heart on my sleeve, I always have my glass half full and I want everyone to feel good about themselves! I want everyone to celebrate beauty moments. 

Why celebrate beauty moments?

Beauty is physical and emotional, you feel and experience it.

A moment can last a lifetimewhether it is a professional milestone or a personal triumph.

With your next glam makeup look, when you accomplish your next goal or dream, everything positive — big or small — appreciate it, cherish it and help it be celebrated because these are your beauty moments.

Fun Facts About Me!

  1. For almost my entire life, I’ve had a sensitivity/allergy to the sun
  2. Washing dishes is like therapy to me
  3. My favourite TV show EVER is One Tree Hill
  4. I’m the youngest in my family AND the only girl (I have three older brothers)
  5. I’m terribly afraid of octopus; they freeeeak me out

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