Chicago in 36 Hours

I recently went on a mini trip to Chicago with James. While he went for work, I got to explore the city. It also gave me the perfect excuse to spoil myself a little and go shopping! I actually got sick with a tooth infection while I was there, but still made an effort to walk around, eat lots and have fun!

Chicago is a beautiful city. As I was editing my photos and working on this video, I was reminded again by how stunning the architecture is, as well as the local restaurants and cafes. It would be a great city to visit in the summertime! Even though I only had 36 hours, I’m impressed by how much I was able to get see and get done.

We stayed at the Virgin Hotel – which was remarkable all on its own. The service was incredible and they truly made us feel comfortable. This was James’ second time staying here, and he says that his experience was wonderful both times.

I’ve been to Chicago once before, but it was a super short trip where I literally flew in for a meeting and left immediately after. Later I found out that I was only a few steps away from Millennium Park, but didn’t even get a minute to explore. This time I made it a point to find it no matter what… and it was just as fun as I imagined it to be!

It wouldn’t be a trip without dessert! I came across Toni Patisserie & Cafe an hour before I had to head to the airport and had to stop in for a sweet treat; a delicious crepe paired with coffee. I sat by the window and took in the beautiful city, while enjoying the nutella-strawberry goodness.

Watch the video to find out what else I did in Chicago! Ping me for reviews + recommendations if you’re going anytime soon, I’d love to chat.


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