Cozy Functional Patio Deck Reveal

When we bought our townhouse almost two years ago we had to sacrifice having a backyard for a patio deck, and it turned out to be a wonderful decision! We still get to enjoy the outdoors, whether it’s morning coffee in peace or letting our son ride his little cars around, and have our own personal space.

While we don’t have grass to water and cut regularly, we do need to maintain the structure and wood so that it’s durable, kid-friendly, and looks nice! If I learned anything from the patio in our condo, it’s that every space in a 1400 sq. ft. home can be turned into an opportunity, so we decided to turn our basic patio deck into a cozy and functional vibe that we could all enjoy.


It was obvious that the previous owners made a lot of quick adjustments to make the house sellable. The paint they used on the deck starting peeling immediately after we had our first rainstorm. My first thought was: why would you paint a deck?!

Here is what our deck looked like when we moved in. It rapidly turned into this disaster…

After letting it peel off and deteriorate as much as possible, my husband began working on the deck earlier this year as the weather warmed up. It was SO worth it to take the time to power wash and sand the wood down!

Once we got the wood back to it’s raw state, we opted for a natural and warm semi-transparent stain that was relatively similar to the other decks in our complex. I can’t tell you how happy I was to see all the gross peeling paint gone!


Take a seat, sip on some delicious mango honey tea, and relax. This outdoor space is now super warm, welcoming, and truly makes you feel home. As parents to a 3-year-old, our goal was to create an environment where he could play safely while we do chores around the house, but also be a romantic spot for James and I to have date nights.

We don’t have a proper backyard so I love that I can also practice my gardening skills with potted plants. Happy to report that we’ve kept these babies alive all summer long!

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