Endy vs. Leesa: Our Decision was solely based on Comfort

James and I had been using a queen memory foam mattress that was at least 8-years-old until recently when we finally made the switch.

A couple of years ago Leesa kindly sent us a mattress and we were thrilled! It arrived within a week, in a box with instructions on how to easily set it up. The first night was exciting, so was the second and third. However, three weeks into testing this new queen mattress, we realized that the soft memory foam and bounciness was beginning to hurt our shoulders and back… A LOT. We tried different ways to find comfort: new sheets, different types of blankets, more/less/no pillows. Nothing worked. We were desperate to switch back to our old mattress and returned this one.

Through this experience, we learned that:

  • We like our memory foam to be firm yet elastic enough to return to its original shape quickly
  • Since we use a duvet with multiple pillows, we need to have a strong foundation to sleep on
  • James typically sleeps on his back and I’m a stomach-sleeper; we look for a mattress that accommodates both

Fast-forward to fall 2018; I was pregnant, constantly in pain, and sleeping poorly. Our 8+ year old mattress no longer served us; the elasticity was not the same and I could actually see a big indent of my preggo belly on the mattress. I wish I took photos!

Thankfully, Endy noticed our struggles and sent us a brand new queen mattress, bedsheets and pillows to see if it would help with my situation. Best gift ever for new parents! I was immediately in heaven; I forgot all about my prenatal aches, the fact that I can’t sleep on my tummy temporarily (I used to literally CRY about this haha), and didn’t have to worry about ‘potholes’ in my mattress. I slept incredibly well for the 3ish weeks that were left of my pregnancy.

We ditched our old mattress — I was nervous because I thought maybe once the baby is here and I have my old sleep habits back I might regret this decision. However, I am super happy to report that the Endy mattress has brought us more comfort, joy and rest than we ever could have imagined. It checked off all our boxes in terms of what we look for in a foam mattress.

What we truly love about the Endy mattress is that:

  • It is firm and provides support no matter what your sleep position is
  • As you move throughout the night, the foam absorbs the motion without disturbing your partner (I admittedly move around a lot!)
  • The mattress doesn’t affect our bodies or temperature because it has this open air cell feature that provides us with the balance of comfort and support, plus breathability and cooling throughout the night, making it really easy for us to sleep soundly

As new parents, you truly learn how to live, work and adapt with very little sleep + a lot of caffeine. Resting on a comfortable bed (even if it’s just for 2, 3 or 5 hours a night) makes the world of a difference.

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This post was in partnership with Endy.
However, all photos and opinions are my own and 100% honest.