Books about Diversity & Inclusion for Young Children

There are two big rules we follow in this house: communication and respect. We communicate how we feel at any given point, and we respect each other’s values, experiences and opinions. Since having our son Zak, we’ve vowed to instill these as we raise him.

I’ve always wondered how I would introduce the topic of race to him. Putting in the work and researching the Black Lives Matter movement this past week has made me realize that there is no perfect time or place for conversations like this. They need to be introduced NOW and they need to happen constantly. As part of our two big rules in this house, it is my responsibility to teach my child/children on how to be kind and compassionate towards others no matter what their race, gender, religion, appearance or values may be.

For parents who are not sure how to start these conversations, we’ve had success through reading. Here are some children’s books (in no particular order) we have and highly recommend:

This is the Rope
Written by Jacqueline Woodson, illustrated by James Ransome
I Walk with Vanessa
Written and illustrated
by Kerascoët
The Proudest Blue
Written by Ibtihaj Muhammad, illustrated by Hatem Aly
Dream Big, Little One
Written and illustrated by
Vashti Harrison
Everybody Cooks Rice
Written by Norah Dooley, illustrated by Peter J. Thornton
No! My First Book of Protest
Written by Julie Merberg, illustrated by Molly Egan

I’m New Here
Written and illustrated
by Anne Sibley O’Brien
All Kids are Good Kids
Written by Judy Carey Nevin, illustrated by Susie Hammer
Last Stop on Market Street
Written by Matt De La Pena, illustrated by Christian Robinson
Written and illustrated by
Jess Hong
I Love My Hair!
Written by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley, illustrated by E. B. Lewis
We’re Different, We’re the Same
Written by Bobbi Kates, illustrated by Joe Mathieu

Have you read any of the above? Do you have other recommendations for me? Let’s chat on Instagram or Twitter!