Our Patio Oasis on a Budget

We decorated our condo patio last summer after using it as storage space for years, and I love it! Let me tell you, as we were brainstorming what we could do, we actually debated going ahead with it because we thought:

  1. We haven’t used it for 5 years, we probably still won’t.
  2. What’s the point? We’re going to move next spring anyway.

With COVID-19 putting a damper on our future home situation and being in lockdown mode for the past three months, our patio has turned out to be our saving grace! I’m so glad we decided to spruce this space up and make it our own.


Look at how sad our patio looked! It was unkept and lonely, and this is probably why we NEVER came out here.

Our patio is surrounded by greenery for privacy and overlooks a cute courtyard. Once Zak began moving last summer, he wanted to be outdoors 24/7. This truly made me appreciate the space and it’s potential, especially on gloomy days when we couldn’t get out for our daily walk!


Isn’t that SO much better? It is incredible how little changes can help brighten up a space and make it welcoming.

Here is everything we did to spruce up our patio:

  • Gave away the Ikea bistro table and chairs to a neighbour
    • I initially thought about refinishing the set to make it more our style, but to be honest it was NOT comfortable and for that reason I knew we still wouldn’t use it
  • Decluttered and decided to keep the dresser to store what we still needed and create a colour scheme that would complement the wooden pieces
    • We keep our household tools and equipment here (drill, hammer, wrenches, different kinds of tape, etc.)
  • Outsunny kindly gifted us a 2-piece wicker loveseat and ottoman set
    • This truly helped define the vibe we were going for with this patio! It wasn’t the easiest to build, but it is super cute, cozy and comfortable
  • Got floor tiles in a black/white/grey pattern from Amazon
    • So easy to clean, inexpensive, and I love that they don’t get ruined due to harsh weather
  • Went on a fun shopping trip to Homesense and picked up throw pillows and little decor items
  • Got patio lights from Canadian Tire (I love love love these ones!)
  • All of this (including cost of the sofa set) was under $500!

New addition to the theme of our patio is GREEN! If you’re a parent you know it’s nearly impossible to avoid colourful gadgets and things. ?  Jokes aside, we recently brought out Zak’s booster seat because we often play and eat in our patio now! And the little bucket holds his adorable collection of rocks.

If you are currently debating a renovation or a mini redecorating project and have the means to do it, I say go for it 100%! We put it off for so long, and now this patio is our little oasis. Easily one of our favourite spots to hang out!