Zak’s Toddler Room Reveal

We moved into our house slightly more than a year ago, and I’m ready to show you a glimpse of our cozy home, starting with my toddler’s room!

Out of all the rooms, we were most excited to bring this one to life. If you’ve seen our condo tour, you know that Zak didn’t have his own room and we did what we could within a 750 sq. ft. space. We moved into this house when he was around 21 months. It didn’t make sense to create a nursery at that point so we went all in on a toddler room!

Continue reading through the post for the full reveal, inspiration behind this room, more photos and links to all the items I could find.


This is what we started with! ? One thing to keep in mind as you are decorating your home is that it takes a lot of time and patience. We waited a while for his toddler bed to arrive, which meant keeping it like this until then. We chipped away at the decor and organization throughout the last year. I’m really happy with how Zak’s toddler room turned out.


I’ve always been inspired by Montessori; the idea of keeping things simple, colourful, and within the child’s reach to explore and learn independently. A toddler’s room is primarily meant for dressing, reading, a bit of play, and sleeping. This is exactly how we created his space and I believe it played a huge role in helping him transition from a crib/playpen to a toddler bed without disturbing his routine or sleep schedule.

This room is the smallest in the house, so I wanted to introduce this way of thinking early in his toddlerhood. Eventually we will move him to a bigger room where he will be able to dress himself and have more opportunity to learn and play. For now, this is perfect!

We removed his closet doors (they were hideous!) and it was the best decision ever! It makes the space look bigger and allows us to have this cubby shelf for books and a few toys. It’s also very easy to grab his clothes and other essentials when we need them.