Baby Registry & My Farm Life Theory

The moment I announced our pregnancy, recommendations came pouring in.

I didn’t know where to begin, so I immediately started jotting them down in a Google doc. I asked my friends and family about their must-haves, taking note of each item and bookmarking it on Babylist. I got so excited thinking I’ve got something to work off!

One day we sat down on the couch to look at all the items I’d pinned on the website, and this crazy overwhelming feeling came over me. One person suggested blankets, another suggested sleep sacks. There are also swaddlers, wraps, all kinds of cute & cozy onesies…and some who swear by PJs from the beginning. Can you imagine my confusion?!

While every suggestion comes with love, it’s easy to get sucked up by it all and next thing you know, you’re giving away all your real furniture to make room for newborn things in your 700 sq. ft. condo that may not even make it through the first year. As a solution, we took each recommendation and categorized it into buckets based on other similar items to create a proper list of items we may need for our little bebe.

To keep me calm and sane in the midst of wanting to buy ALL OF THE THINGS, I’ve also created what I like to call the farm life theory: I imagine a little family with a mom, dad and newborn. They do what they can to provide for the baby without the luxury of Walmart and Babies”R”Us, and hey, the baby still survives and grows up to be a farmer just like his parents!

Anytime I can’t decide if something is absolutely necessary or not, I think of this cute farmer family and it gives me hope. I’ll also admit that this theory was painted in my head early during our pregnancy after seeing A Quiet Place

To anyone going through something similar or mamas-to-be, hang in there! It is overwhelming but you gotta have fun with it and enjoy the process. Pregnancy is going by too fast.

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