In case you missed it on Instagram, I’m so excited to *finally* share that we’re expecting! The last few months have been a crazy rollercoaster of surprises, excitement, anxiousness and… nausea. However, we’ve enjoyed every second with the little bebe growing in my belly!

How We Found Out
Contrary to how most women may have a felt, I was living in complete oblivion for the first 6-8ish weeks of pregnancy. However:
  • My behaviour was off
  • Mood swings were uncontrollable
Towards the end of April and all of May, I didn’t have the same drive to exercise or do extra-curricular things outside of putting in my 30-40ish hours of work a week. If you know me at all, you would think all of this is completely abnormal. James caught on and predicated that I may be pregnant and that we should do tests/go to the doctor. Even after he said it, I was in denial! I let the days go by, and finally, after many weeks of not getting my period, I decided to take a test one late evening.
It was positive. Of course it was. As was the second one. This was just a few weeks before leaving for our trip to France! We immediately booked a doctor’s appointment for reassurance and prayed that the baby was doing fine thus far.
First Trimester
It was definitely short-lived, because I seemed to have missed half of it! Although, I will say that the symptoms outlined above were definitely happening. I also experienced cravings pretty early on in my pregnancy, from chicken fingers at midnight, to a full-blown Subway sandwich addiction for a good 3-weeks straight (mmm Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki with lettuce, pickles and jalapeno). So crazy! I have never had urges to eat either of those things before in my life.
Another thing that was uncontrollable was how much I was sleeping! I would go to bed at 7 PM and not wake up until 6:30 AM the next day. On weekends I would spend my afternoons napping for many hours. I’ve always appreciated a good nap, but this felt different.
Second Trimester
I am now almost midway through my pregnancy (18 weeks) and starting to enjoy my second trimester. I slowly began to regain my energy just a couple of weeks ago, but nausea really seems to be kicking in now. They say it could be dehydration or lack of food intake, so I am trying to have more small meals and keep a 1.5 L water bottle beside me at all times.
We found out the gender last week and we’re thrilled. I’m so so so excited to share the news with everyone very soon! In the mean time, check out the video below when I was almost at 16 weeks.

Thank you so much for all your love and support! We’re so blessed to have you all in our lives!

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