Celebrating the Big 5!

This weekend James and I will be celebrating five years of marriage… what the heck?

Each year has been full of love and laughter, but it has also come with its challenges and compromises. The biggest test of our patience and dedication to one another has been within the last year, going through pregnancy and raising our son, Zak Nova, together.

I truly count my blessings every single day that:

  • James came into my life ? (thanks j-school!)
  • We decided to do this thing called marriage with support from our family and friends
  • We have a healthy 11-year-old dog, Frenzi, who is into cuddles just like us
  • We made the cutest little human!!!! We are absolutely in love with everything about him
  • We are best friends and partners — no conversation is off the table and TMI doesn’t exist anymore… we share everything with each other (I text him everytime Zak goes #2 ?)

Hearing that our 5-year wedding anniversary was coming up, my friends at Anjolee offered me the opportunity to design a beautiful custom ring with them! I immediately knew that I wanted to surprise James by using his birthstone, Garnet, and when it arrived we were both stunned at how beautiful it was. Customizing a ring online is not an easy feat, but Anjolee worked with me to come up with exactly what I was looking for. I’m super happy with it!

Photos by Catherine This Life