GLISS Hair Repair Available at Shoppers Drug Mart

New to Canada and exclusively available at Shoppers Drug Mart, GLISS is a line of hair repair products that help restore dry hair, breakage, split ends, colour-treated/highlighted hair, as well as hair that lacks volume.

These days it’s truly difficult to find a shampoo and conditioner that does all of these things, without sacrificing one for the other. The five hair repair formulas are:

  • GLISS Ultimate Repair
  • GLISS Ultra+ Moisture
  • GLISS Color Guard
  • GLISS Oil Nutritive
  • GLISS Extra Volume

While each of the formulas is designed for a specific purpose or repairing factor, the treatments are flexible and allow you to mix/match or use one after the other. I began my GLISS Hair Repair journey with Color Guard!

I’m super picky about the products I use on my hair, that includes shampoo/conditioner, hair sprays, dry shampoo, oils. There are a lot of products that aren’t colour-friendly and I’ve learned over the years to look for very specific ingredients + claims. GLISS Color Guard is a rare gem, and it’s amazing that you can grab it at your local drugstore.

GLISS Color Guard Shampoo: Whether you’ve recently coloured your hair or are looking to preserve what you have, this shampoo is for you! My hair dye cycle is about every six weeks. When I was into my 3rd week, I started using this treatment and the next day I got SUCH amazing compliments from my friends, clients, random people on the street. That gave me a boost of confidence to keep the treatment going!

GLISS Color Guard Conditioner: When used along with the pairing shampoo, this formula is designed to provide up to 12 weeks of colour protection. What?! That is unheard of in this world. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got highlights, ombre, or full-coloured locks.

GLISS Express Repair Conditioner: I’m a sucker for scent, and that alone could have convinced me to start using this spray. It’s a mix of cotton candy and gummy bears… I think. It’s sweet, delightful and stays in my hair for a long time. I use this leave-in conditioner after showering while my hair is still wet for best results. It helps keep the production + treatment in place, and adds shine to my locks.

The next treatment I’m going to try is the GLISS Ultimate Repair. Takes care of a little bit of everything for ya! Let me know if you end up picking up any of the new GLISS products available at Shoppers Drug Mart. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

This post was kindly sponsored by GLISS Canada. However, all photos and opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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