Addicted to Netflix

I have an addiction. No, it’s not an addiction to food.

I’m addicted to TV shows on Netflix. As soon as I hear about a show that a friend has been enjoying, I absolutely have to add it to my list.

Even “my list” section has lists:

  • Sitcoms that I watch in the background regularly while working (currently re-watching How I Met Your Mother)
  • 2-3 drama/crime series that James and I marathon through on weekends
  • Recommendations of shows that I need to add to the mix

The addiction really began two Christmases ago when we were midway through season 2 of Scandal. We could not get enough of Olivia Pope and what she was going to do next. After every family gathering or dinner with friends during the holidays, we’d rush to the couch and catch a few more episodes of the show. By New Years Eve, we were almost done season 4!
Since then, we’ve caught up on Scandal and are anxiously waiting for it to return this month. A few other shows that we binge-watched include:

  • The Good Wife: this was a love-hate show for me. There wasn’t a single character that I truly liked, but something about the slow pace and writing kept drawing me back. 7 seasons later, the series finale is one that I will never forgive or forget.
  • Gilmore Girls & Gilmore Girls Revival: I decided to re-watch Gilmore Girls in the background on Saturday mornings, but while I only gave it half my attention, James became more and more hooked. I fell back in love with the idea of Rory & Jess, and gasped at all the missed opportunities between Lorelai & Luke. When we found out about the Gilmore Girls Revival, it made us even more determined to finish the series! I love the show much more now that I’m older, and have a deeper appreciation for it.
  • Bloodline: Loved every minute of it since DAY ONE. Both seasons have been absolutely phenomenal. If you haven’t given this a chance yet, you need to stop whatever it is you’re watching and get on it!
  • Hannibal: James and I are huge horror fans. I really enjoyed the Hannibal trilogy when I was younger and James has even read the books. We randomly decided to start watching the show. It’s been so fun spotting the GTA locations, but the cinematography and writing is brilliant. Even though the last season was terrible, the rest of the show made up for it and it’s one that I definitely recommend.

One thing I’ve learned through my TV binge-watching addiction is that you must be comfy, equipped with the right tools to keep your energy up and… have A LOT of snacks.

You’re truly missing out if you don’t have a setup similar to mine and I hope I’ve inspired you to elevate your Netflix game. Happy bingeing!


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